Hi Robyn,

Sorry for the delay.

I have attached our Menu as it is at the moment and have attached the jpeg for "The Scene".

I am looking for some ideas on promotional stuff for example A5 flyers for:

A diferent Band/Live Music that we will have on once a month.

Tappas Specials -Lunchtime 3 for 2 deal

We will also start focusing on Xmas so anything that you can think of perhaps an xmas themed Menu.

I am also looking to have the Bar open New Years Eve through untill 3.00am. Perhaps £40 per person and have Tapas and drink for free rest of the night??????

We also have a facebook page.

Let me know if you need anything further from me and I will do my best to get what you require asap.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards

Kevin King
The Manager
The Scene Stamford
2-3 Cheyne Lane
PE9 2AX"

Hi Robyn, could you include our address please and if it could be A5 that would be great.

Very interested in you menu idea.

Looking for a sign that would say carlsberg Wednesday's £1.50 a pint perhaps with big Carlsberg image on A4 landscape?

Sorry for taking so long to reply.



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On 9 Sep 2011, at 21:34, Robyn Russell <> wrote:
Hey Kevin,

Thank you, I have come up with a concept for the menu, and an example of a flyer that can quite easily be tweaked and altered to suit the appropriate event. I thought i would go with something quite type based in order for the information to stand out and really grab the 'viewers' attention. I have attached the example, if this is not the style you're looking for please do not hesitate to tell me! 
As for the menu, i thought it might be a good idea to have the selection of food, with the numbers etc with an adjacent piece of paper that the customers could write their orders down themselves. Seeing as people at tapas bars tend to have quite a large selection of food, sometimes it's easier to note all the numbers down? If you like this idea then i can easily put something together as a small mock up and go from there?

Anyway, please let me know what you think of the ideas and hopefully we can go from there.



Design inspiration

 Design inspiration is easily my favourite blogging website ever made. I love it. This is going to form the bassi of my research for next year and inspiration. Constantly check it out. Mateusze invited me to join, and now i understand the full potential of it.

Some example some examples of the images:


Popcorn Evaluation

I had the most amazing week at Popcorn. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I have learn't more in that week, about the industry, then i could in a year at uni. They gave me some amazing advice, and some personal advice as to how to get ahead of everyone else when applying for jobs and different ways of putting myself out there. This sort of advice coming from Patt is so valuable because at the end of the day, he will be the sort of person i will be applying to for a job. I think what I'm most grateful for, from the whole week, is the advice i got. Yes, i learn't more software skills which will help, but the advice to my own profession has helped no end.

Being trusted to be able to work on my own briefs for people as important as the Princess of the UAE has really boosted my confidence, it was like being dropped in at the deep end but you learn a lot faster that way and i think thats the sort of mentality i am going to take on in the future.

There were little things that the guys passed onto me that will help me in the future, for example Mateusze gave me about 20 links to look at every morning because he finds this is the best way to gain inspiration. and it especially helps if you are struggling with something.

I have learn't different ways to document things and research things. I think more than anything, i want to push myself with this year to detach myself from the course and push myself as a professional. This past week has really shown me what I can accomplish and how best to go about it, and now i have the confidence to take it on further.

I am really happy with my week and I cannot wait to start my next year with this new perspective. I am also really looking forward to going back to them in a couple of months because I have been invited.. Cant wait.

The book they got to me to say thank you...